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"An eclectic mix of the sacred & profane"

When you talk about a great actor, you're not talking about Tom Cruise.

Lauren Bacall


I find myself being drawn back to performing again after a break of about ten years. I made a decision to stop being a professional actor after twenty years of theatre spanning Educational TIE, experimental theatre, Rep & West End.  Why?


If I'm honest it just wasn't fulfilling. I was busy being a jobbing actor but that life can be dull. Theatre and all the arts need to add something, make a difference to this world. Now in 2015 it's time to pick it up again.


In recent years I've worked with other arts practitioners to blend theatre and film with photography, poetry, graphic design and music to produce community events that engage and inspire people. I've had the pleasure to work with youing people in the UK, USA, Africa and China on diverse projects including Brecht, Pinter, Moliere and Shakespeare. This is work I love.


You can find some on the  THEATRICX  website.

I work closely with Purple Field Productions who make educational films with poorer communities in Africa in native languages. I'm proud to have directed the first ever HIV drama MAWA LANGA (My Tomorrow) which has now been seen by over 2million people and is regularly used in schools and colleges to discuss issues surrounding HIV/AIDS with young people.

The latest film which I directed and produced for Malawi is MBEU YOSINTHA (seeds of change). I like to call it "The Archers for Malawi" - this time to help rural communities combat the effects of climate change.  I am immensely proud of the film and the local people who became actors in it - they are superb!


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2015 and  I am currently heavily involved with the 999 Call for the NHS - a national campaign group raising awareness about the fragmentation & selling-off of the NHS. This is a passion and I am involved in creating theatre/film/arts events as a meaningful contribution to engaging with the public.

Richard Duning, Artist

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I'm also available to tour with my one man/many women cabaret